so a little update still currently unemployed, i do survey sites to make money and also paid to click ads. just click survey sites or ptc sites to be taken to the page that lists either banners or links to all the sites i do every day to make money. unicorn candles are great smelling candles and also come with a ring inside of them .chewy is great for pet food toys and more i shop them for my guinea pig hamster and kitty cat there cheaper then pet smart and petco.shop ebay.amazon,forage candles at the bottom of the page, geek store for cool stuff,sega , all banners take you directly to the website . so join the survey sites and paid to click sites and work them every day to make money for free, best tip on survey sites is do all the survey routers, paid to click sites click all the ads once you make enough money then rent as many refferals as you can to make more money and set them for auto renew. good luck on the survey and paid to click sites i work all of them every single day.i got rejected by the dollar store target walmarts hannafords and price chopper. down to my last 1000 in my bank account so soon to be homeless. i started a youtube channel with videos about poltics my unbiased opinions, and about the corona virus check them out and subscribe to my you tube channel please. click the link to be taken to my main youtube channel video then subscribe or click other videos and view corona,make money, or what ever videos you want. thanks . youtube click the go fund me rent link to donate im down to my last 1000 in the bank account. my unemployment ran out before the corona virus hit. in new york state where i live i cant get a job now due to the hiring freezes and us being on lock down no jobs are hiring here. please help donate a few bucks so i dont live on the streets with my pets and wife.
go fund me rent help please!!!

scooby and shaggy
my guinea pig duey

about me

Hi  and welcome to my page! a little about me. im 35 married currently unemployed. i lost my job in june of 2019 at a manufacturing plant in ny. i havent been able to find a job since. my unemployment ran out in december. im married have 6 guinie pigs ,smokey,bandit,shaggy,scooby,louie,duey, 1 kitty cat named lucky, 3 gerbils,1 hamster and 1 mouse to take care of. i sell sport cards on ebay to make a few bucks enough to pay my rent of 800 a month. i do survey sites and paid to click sites to make money to help me out. every site i do pays to paypal,skrill,giftcards,bank account,and bit coins. if you would like to see the survey sites i do and paid to click sites i do please click the surveys and paid to click links to be taken to the page with the sites i do every single day to make a few extra bucks. thank you for comming to my page i hope you find this helpful on your journey  to making free money like i do. i will update as much as i can . bare with me as im new to doing websites. if your someone who knows how to build sites please email me as i would like to add more links and banners to my page to make it more friendlier . also while your here shop on amazon i will be adding a ebay banner and a few other banners for people to shop around from my page.
if you want to make free money online then do surveys and paid to click sites. if the page your on asks you for money to invest or to pay to join dont do it its a scam. i have fell victim to soo many scams over the years its not funny its so frustrating and makes me mad to donate money to people then be the sucker and just get a repeat copy and post. surveys i have listed are very simple to do some sites let you play videos, do searches, play games like rewardia does, and fill out free simple quick surveys. my favorites are the survey routers to make fast money.. i average 2-3 bucks on each site just by doing 4-6 surveys some pay out at .80 and take 3-10 minutes to do. i will list the paid to clicks sites i do soon and also some traffic sites. any questions or need help email me jtcross2007@gmail.com . thank you while your here feel free to use all links and banners take you directly to the websites i figured if your going to spend time reading my page and viewing the sites i do the least  i could do is put banners to help you get around. i know when im on pages im usually always going to amazon or ebay. i will post more information like dealing with depression which i have, anxiety disorder which i have, suicide attempts which i have done over the years, my struggles like im going through now and past, i just want to bring positivity into peoples lives and let them know theres always light at the end of the tunnel.  i might be in a very bad slump being unemployed for almost a year but if it wasnt for my wife who is disabled and is fighting for her disability and me barely scraping by on 800 a month for rent  with my truck sitting in the driveway off the road due to not being able to afford insurance on it had to let it go my utilitys is behind 3 months gotta make sacrifices so i dont run out of money having a roof over my head and food for my pets is more important to me then having a truck to drive. but i know with staying strong,driving,positive and having alot of faith which ill get to in another page i believe things will get better for me. i just hope sooner then later cause i really dont want to live on the streets with my pets and wife i dont honestly think i could survive. so i hope you find the survey sites helpful . anyways book mark my page as i will frequently update it often thank you for comming