product reviews

im going to talk about all different types of products. first im going to talk about unicorn candles . they are some awsome smelling candles. they have many different flavors . im fan of anything fur and pine smelling my wife is into the sweet smelling candles and flowers. each candle is jammed packed full of fragrance and will make a whole house smell fantastic. in each candle there is a surprise ring you can pick the size on the site and they ship fast i always receive my orders with in a week sometimes 3-5 days. try them out there at the bottom of the page. Chewy is my favorite pet place to by from many dont know this but petsmart owns chewy. i always buy my guinea pig food 10lbs bags of carnival tropical pet foot the bags are a few bucks cheaper on chewy then actual petsmart store. so im always purchasing the 50lbs of timothy oxbow hay which last my  6 guinea pigs 2-3 months and i feed them twice a day . its simple fast and easy to order and plus if you do the auto ship you save a few bucks on each item which is cool why waste gas and go out in nasty weather when you can simple click and order and have it shipped to you with out leaving your house try them out. just click the banner on the side of my page . ebay everyone knows what they are great auction site i use all the time there at the bottom of the page along with amazon at the bottom cause i love shopping. i will up date more but everything on my page  takes you directly to the site so go on buy some candles or bath bombs, shop on ebay or amazon or get your pet some food or treats from chewy. i buy from chewy once a month big orders of hay, pet food, bedding,kitty treats.

9/24/2021 so i bought a bunch of candles from goose creek candles and they are awsome they burn 3 xs longer then other candles and have such strong lasting fragrance smells. i will post pictures of the candles i bought in the next few days if you like to purchase theres a link at the bottom of the page. all links work. im always buying from amazon all the time and ebay.