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here is a list of survey sites i use every single day to make money from. you wont get rich but you can make a few dollars with each on in a few minutes. most surveys take 3-30 minutes and pay range from .30 and over  1.00. most sites pay to paypal,skrill,bitcoins,gift cards to amazon,ebay etc and some pay directly to your bank account. every site listed i use every day and have been paid from. some pay within a few hours some within 48 hrs. my favorite sites to use are anyone of them that have survey routers are the best to make money from. some sites you can play games and make money for. just click the links to be taken to the website and sign up for free and complete free surveys,videos,games,searches and make money within a few minutes. swagbucks you can watching videos,search surveys and more. there all free and easy to use sites. good luck i do these all the time im unemployed and i make enough to cover my rent. please book my page. im not sure if links open in a new window or this window so just right mouse click and open in a new tab will work on this often as i become familar this is my first ever web page thanks.

Inbox Dollars get paid to do surveys play games watch videos

KashKick get paid to do surveys play games etc

Prime Opinion

FREECASH survey site

univox community surveys

I-Say Surveys

E-Poll Surveys


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ZoomBucks – Earn Free Money and Get Free Gift Cards

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GrabPoints – Earn Free Gift Cards

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You Gov Surveys

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